True improvement starts with insight. For schools, this means that teachers, administrators and principals need to have a clear picture of each student’s needs. DataHouse has a proven track record for helping schools and education departments meet this challenge through a range of software tools. Schools gather vast amounts of information from many sources about each student, but to make sense of all of it, schools need powerful tools to mine the information and present it in a way that is meaningful and easy to understand. DataHouse provides a range of tools and services to support both private and public schools.

Industry Solutions

  • Student information systems
  • Student support systems
  • Decision support solutions
  • School performance reporting
  • Data integration and warehouse solutions

Putting Students First

Between 2004 – 2007, DataHouse worked on a massive project for the Department of Education in Hawai`i, creating the eCSSS (electronic Comprehensive Student Support System). Being the 10th largest school system in the country at the time, the Hawai`i DOE served 180,000 students, 51% of whom had some level of special need.

“We wanted one comprehensive, customizable solution that would integrate all the features of our old systems,” explains Rod Moriyama, then-Assistant Superintendent of the DOE, “allowing us to easily manage our programs, track our students, and report on our progress. That way, we could get on with our job of educating.”

DataHouse created eCSSS to successfully consolidate and migrate three aging student support management platforms into one scalable, web-based, IT infrastructure. “DataHouse really rose to the challenge with eCSSS,” says Rod. “Now we can focus on our mandate,” adds Leona Chock, then a DOE Project Manager. “We no longer worry about data inconsistencies, and we can more accurately track students’ progress.”

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