There are many challenges facing local government today including antiquated systems, inefficient processes, budget constraints, a more connected citizen base, and greater demands for transparency and accountability. But these issues can drive new opportunities to transform government and strengthen our economy and communities.

DataHouse has earned a reputation for understanding every aspect of delivering a successful solution, and this goes well beyond providing the right technology.  Agencies have relied on our consultants to fully understand their business processes, anticipate all impacting variables and facilitate open communication with other parties, including other government agencies, unions, private-sector vendors or public user groups. We understand at a very core level, agencies want to offer the best possible service and DataHouse can provide you with the insight and solutions to do just that.

Industry Solutions

  • Electronic leave system
  • Insurance licensing system
  • Statewide taxation systems
  • Statewide airport management systems
  • Human Resources and financial management systems
  • Welfare systems
  • Unemployment and tax systems
  • Medicare EDI systems
  • Document management systems
  • Permitting system
  • Asset management system

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