Our company principles have remained the same since 1975.


Working Hard

Rising to the Occasion

There is no substitute for hard work. While creativity is the force that sets a project in motion, perseverance and tenacity ensure its completion. DataHouse professionals do not fear hard work when it is called for. We pay close attention to the finest details and go out of our way to make sure the work we deliver is nothing less than excellent.


Charting our Own Paths

Creativity requires risk. Where there is no courage, there is no innovation. At DataHouse, the spirit of creativity is what drives our business. When existing solutions do not fit the client’s needs, we chart new paths to find the right solution. The end result is an elegant answer to a complex problem.


Becoming the Gazelle

Be the gazelle, not the elephant. The nature of information technology demands that we be fast, flexible and agile in the quality and creativity of our solutions. Our clients’ satisfaction is based on our ability to deliver the highest quality solution on time and within budget.


Gaining Wisdom through Experience

At DataHouse, the opportunity to learn is wide open. Employees serve in a variety of roles, including software design, programming, client interfacing, team leadership and project management. Through these experiences, employees gain the confidence they need to excel further in their work. We support individuals who take the initiative to pursue new skills through training programs and other development.

The Next Generation

Bringing them Home

Attracting Hawaii’s most talented young people has always been a challenge. After getting schooled in top mainland universities, many graduates with Hawaii ties opt to build careers away from home. From the start, DataHouse has made stopping Hawaii’s brain drain a top priority. We’ve achieved this by providing staff with a challenging work environment and a high quality of life. A key recruitment tool has been our summer internship program, which provides top students a chance to work alongside DataHouse professionals on actual projects.

Virtual Corporation

A Company without Walls

DataHouse employees know that the office can be anywhere you can turn on your laptop. Sometimes, home may be the best environment to stir creativity. In many cases, DataHouse does not let location stand in the way of productivity and the flow of ideas. Whether someone’s home office is in Kailua, Honolulu, Ewa, Los Angeles or Seattle, this practice together with our communication network has allowed us to function very efficiently and effectively.


Many Minds for One

Teamwork is paramount to DataHouse’s success. The teamwork culture assumes that everyone contributes and that everyone has a strong professional desire to create quality solutions for our clients. It allows us to be bigger than we really are. When a client is working with a single DataHouse employee, they soon come to realize that one person can represent all of the technical knowledge of the entire DataHouse team — many minds for one.


A Journey, Not a Destination

Whatever task we undertake, it has to be done recognizing the virtue of time and patience. We see every project as a part of the journey that leads to each client’s success over time. Building this trust relationship among peers and business partners takes years. This bond of trust becomes the foundation of business and ensures growth from year to year. Likewise, we encourage our staff to build their own personal success over time. Individuals are strongly encouraged to participate in our investment and savings programs. While there is no immediate gain, the annuity-based gains create greater security for the long journey.

Sharing the Wealth

Filling the Cookie Jar

The key assets of the company are the trusted employees and their creativity. One of the symbols of teamwork at DataHouse is the “Cookie Jar.” Everyone is responsible for seeing to it that the jar is never empty and that nobody goes hungry. Translated, we are all responsible for bringing in work and for helping to maintain the spirit of creativity and hard work. In turn, the wealth of our efforts will be shared by everyone in the company, all those who contribute to the team effort. Our compensation plan has been tailored to this philosophy.

Business Philosophy

Clients are our Partners

We see clients as partners. As we journey together in business, both parties look out for each others’ best interest. The nature of such a business relationship requires that we use wisdom when choosing clients. Winning a contract should never exceed the cost of doing the job. We are careful to examine whether a client will be quality partner over time. Before beginning a project, managers have the foresight to see its end. This insight is key to the success of the project as well as the well-being of all team members.

Playing Hard

Laughs are on Us

We work hard. We play even harder. Just as teamwork comes naturally in the professional environment, camaraderie comes naturally when it’s time to play. At DataHouse, we make a special effort to foster meaningful relationships among staff members. People are not just coworkers, but family members. Company-wide events such as picnics, pool parties and retreats are purposefully scheduled into the year’s calendar to enrich the lives of employees and their families. We’re serious about our work…but even more serious about having a good laugh.


Caring for our Future

DataHouse understands that building for the future goes beyond generating revenue. It’s about strengthening the community, caring for those who live next to us and guarding the environment we live in. Whether the call is to clean up the beach or to use our technical skills to help others, the people of DataHouse show up in force to give of their talents. Building the community is a core value of the company.

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