From paper-based to digital: How Hawaii’s largest court reporting firm transformed its business by putting users first

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Problem: How do we quickly transform manual, paper-based operations into digital business services?

Solution: Create user-friendly experiences with customizable, future-focused technology.

Business Benefits:

  • Customer retention and satisfaction
  • Increased workflow efficiency
  • Decreased overhead costs

Technology Highlights:

  • Lumisight Platform
  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
  • Cloud-based services
  • Intelligent automation
  • Configurable architecture and applications


Adapting to market disruptors

Pandemic-related shutdowns constrained litigations and generated insurmountable backlogs that left teams scrambling. Suddenly everyone worked from home, meetings were on Zoom, and file-sharing for depositions became a nightmare. It was no surprise when loyal clients leaned toward digital services to get jobs done faster, leaving paper-based companies in the dust.

Ralph Rosenberg, the visionary founder of Ralph Rosenberg Court Reporters, and his son Andy Rosenberg saw the need for speed and agility and knew it was time for a digital business transformation.

“We’ve been in business for 46 years,” said Andy Rosenberg. “We’re going to improvise, adapt, and keep moving forward.”

Digital outperforms paper

Since 1975, the company relied on manual, paper-based operations. The inevitable back-and-forth communication, tedious document handling, and recovery of lost files aggravated all parties and slowed litigations. Clients, court reporters, and the Rosenberg team wanted faster, easier ways to schedule depositions, assign court reporters, and securely share files. Above all, they desired a solution that put their staff and customers’ needs first.


Prioritize people’s needs

The Rosenbergs wanted to simplify processes and keep their talented team focused on exceptional customer service. They envisioned a 24/7 self-service file-sharing system to centralize information, store and share files securely, and make scheduling easier. Their goal was to create the ultimate user experience that distinguished their team from competitors.

“The way we saw it,” said Andy Rosenberg, “if we designed our system right the first time, the interface would be intuitive and user friendly.”

Find a partner with shared values

Ralph and Andy Rosenberg looked for a technology partner who shared their high customer service standards and long-standing values. They consulted their network, and a trusted contact referred them to DataHouse.

“Having two-way conversations was a big part of our success,” explained Andy Rosenberg. “DataHouse focused on educating us, being patient and humble, and not assuming. They made sure we understood, and we never rushed through. It’s been really exciting to learn new things.”

Combine configurable technology with custom solutions

Person with laptop creating an account on the Ralph Rosenberg Court Reporter's website

DataHouse started with LumiSight, a pre-engineered end-to-end technology platform, and configured it for Ralph Rosenberg Court Reporters’ unique requirements.

The team built a secure document management system with custom business logic and intelligent automation in an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). They configured cloud-based services to synchronize front-end and back-end operations, scale on-demand, eliminate unnecessary costs, and ensure business continuity.

They also designed and developed custom user-friendly applications and integrated reporting services to monitor data and provide insights on usage.

“I can’t say enough about how patient DataHouse was to build it right the first time,” Andy Rosenberg stated. “The team focused on really understanding what we do, what I need, and what my clients need. That was a neat part about working with DataHouse.”


Faster service, happy customers

Clients and staff praised the new digital storefront equipped with a 24/7 self-service file-sharing portal and online booking system. Ralph and Andy Rosenberg received outstanding feedback during user acceptance testing and continue to hear positive reviews from clients, court reporters, and staff. Now, clients request depositions and upload exhibits within minutes. Web administrators manage scheduling and documents with just a few clicks, and the system automatically notifies users – no more lost files, no more back-and-forth communication. Processes and information are centralized, secure, and easy to use.

“The goal was to make everything as simple and easy as possible,” said Andy Rosenberg, “and it’s paid off because everyone has had a great user experience.”

A business prepared for change

Overall, launching with LumiSight and building custom solutions gave Ralph and Andy Rosenberg the cutting-edge technology they need to stay prominent in the market and ahead of the competition. With their resilient system, they can adapt quickly and prepare their staff and clients for future change.

“Things will change generationally,” Andy Rosenberg stated. “We might as well be ready and offer innovative solutions now. So when demand shifts, we won’t be reacting. All the work and learning we’re putting in now is already paying off. We improvise, adapt, and keep moving forward.”

Ralph Rosenberg and Andy Rosenberg headshots

Ralph Rosenberg (left) and Andy Rosenberg (right)

About Ralph Rosenberg Court Reporters

Ralph Rosenberg Court Reporters is Hawaii’s largest full-service certified court reporting firm. With an eye for future-focused innovation, they offer technology-enabled services and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Download the PDF version of Ralph Rosenberg Court Reporters’ success story

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