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Our Business Personal Property (BPP) Tax Management Solution is a cutting-edge digital tax management platform, available on AWS Marketplace. This powerful and user-friendly solution is designed to streamline tax processes for both taxpayers and tax collectors, offering unmatched security, integration capabilities, and scalability. Say goodbye to manual paper processes, fragmented software, and sensitive data exposure risk.

Streamlined Tax Management

VizBPP simplifies the complex tax management process for both taxpayers and tax collectors, enhancing efficiency and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Customizable Features

The platform allows for the customization of forms and workflows, enabling organizations to adapt the solution to meet specific operational needs and improve user experiences.

Enhanced Security

Leveraging top-tier cloud infrastructure and advanced security services, VizBPP ensures the protection and integrity of sensitive tax data, minimizing risks related to data breaches and unauthorized access.


Designed to support organizational growth, VizBPP can handle increasing volumes of data and expanding user bases efficiently, maintaining high performance without compromising service quality.

Seamless Integration

VizBPP offers robust integration capabilities, allowing for seamless connectivity with various data sources and systems, which facilitates a cohesive and unified approach to managing business personal property taxes.

Operational Efficiency

By automating workflows and streamlining processes from tax statement review to decision-making, VizBPP reduces manual efforts and operational costs, thereby enhancing productivity and profitability for organizations.

Key Features

VizBPP is a business accelerator that lets you focus on your core competencies.

Tailored Dashboards for County Officials and Taxpayers

Fill and review the statements

Manage the properties and users

One Platform

VizBPP only need a browser, no software to downloads or storage to buy.

Step into the future of tax management

Imagine a powerful, user-friendly platform that transforms tax management, ensuring a faster, more secure experience for both taxpayers and collectors.

Manage Your Taxes

Managing taxes has never been that easy and satisfying experience.

Efficient Management

Including properties, e-filing statements with historical data available for review or amendment.

Seamless Experience

Designed for non-tech users to complete tasks easily.

Optimize Business Resources

Reduce time and effort and increase productivity with our clever features.

Bridge Communication Gaps

Connect smoothly with Taxpayers through Statement processing, correspondence and auto-status update.


Simple in action, powerful in management.

Get ready to start

No, VizBPP is an entirely web-based application that requires only a web browser and internet access to use. It can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, so there is no need to install any extra software. The user interface is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, so even those without technical knowledge can easily navigate the platform. All data is securely stored in the cloud, ensuring total reliability and privacy.

Data security is our top priority. To ensure the safety of both public and internal users, we employ a number of strategies, including:

  • Separating traffic between public users via the internal network and internal users via the corporate network. 
  • Creating highly secure, segregated subnet zones.
  • Centralizing networking control via dedicated networking accounts.

These measures help us to ensure that only authorized users have access to sensitive data, and that all data transferred is secure and cannot be intercepted or modified. 

Implementing a solution to a complex problem isn’t always easy, but with a web application, the process can be made considerably simpler. Administrators will have full access to the web application, while regular users can create their own account. All accounts will be secure, with multiple layers of authentication, so that users can trust the safety of their information. Customizable user settings and easy to use features will make the web application easy to use and enjoyable for everyone. Additionally, the web application can be constantly updated with the latest features, ensuring that users are always able to get the most out of the application.

DataHouse provides training in addition to other materials such as a user guide and demonstration video. This training allows users to better understand and utilize the products and services offered by DataHouse. The user guide provides detailed instructions and explanations for each feature, allowing users to easily navigate the platform. The demonstration video provides a visual walkthrough of the various tools and functions, which can be used to create and manage data. 

Depending on the requirements, third-party applications can be integrated. If necessary, we can integrate other applications to meet the desired outcome. This can be done easily and quickly, providing a comprehensive and efficient solution.

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Our team would love to help you find the perfect fit of products and solutions.

Contact Us

Our team would love to help you find the perfect fit of products and solutions.