IHS Homeless Care Coordination Solution


The Homeless Care Coordination Solution is a strategic initiative designed to address homelessness more effectively. Developed through a partnership between DataHouse and various technology and community stakeholders, this solution leverages AWS services to enhance coordination among homeless outreach workers and community stakeholders, connecting them more effectively with resources.

This innovative tool is designed to improve the efficiency and impact of service systems that regularly encounter homeless persons, providing a model for the seamless integration of data through information technology in addressing critical social challenges.

Client Background


Non-profit / Homeless service provider 

About the Organization

The Institute for Human Services (IHS) is Hawaii’s largest and most comprehensive human services agency focused on ending and preventing homelessness. Their spectrum of services provide an important social and health-oriented safety net for the Oahu’s community experiencing homelessness by providing outreach, meals, shelter, and supportive services, housing navigation, employment support and access to housing and healthcare.


Problem Statement

Homelessness in Hawaii is a pressing issue, with a high number of individuals experiencing homelessness, including the chronically homeless, veterans, and youth. The traditional manual and fragmented approach to homeless care has led to inefficient use of resources, duplication of efforts, and gaps in service provision. 


The overall impact of reducing homelessness includes:

Improve outcomes for homeless clients

Reduce government spending and taxpayer’s burden

Improve the physical and business environment in areas impacted by homelessness


DataHouse proposed developing a comprehensive homeless care coordination system, leveraging AWS cloud technologies to enhance data management and accessibility. 

This mobile app-based solution allows case workers to document interactions with homeless individuals using features like digital ID technology, encounter management, and location tracking. All data is securely managed in a HIPAA-compliant AWS cloud, ensuring privacy and security.

Features of the homeless care coordination solution include: 

Client Profiles

Homeless outreach clients can be enrolled and managed in the application using digital ID technology.

Encounter Management

A log of encounters with homeless clients can be recorded and accessed at the point of care in the mobile application; reports used for program management.

Media Gallery

Photos, videos, and dictated notes can be captured on the mobile device to document each encounter and create a personal record and reference file of vital documents for a served individual.

Location Mapping and Tracking

Geolocations of encounters can be captured for tracking and locating homeless clients. 

Alerts and Notifications

Follow-up flags can be set, and notifications sent to appropriate parties. 

Secure Database

All data is stored centrally in a HIPAA-compliant, secure, encrypted database. 



The Homeless Care Coordination Solution was developed and implemented using DataHouse’s Community Sourced Innovation (CSI) framework. CSI is a rapid, collaborative approach that leverages the collective assets in the community to ideate, solve problems, and implement solutions. The first iteration was completed in under four months, with continuous improvements based on Agile methodologies. 


The solution includes data migration capabilities with existing case management systems, ensuring that client data is accessible at the point of care. Future integration plans aim to connect with core systems across IHS, government, and community partners. 


The system was carefully customized based on direct feedback from case workers, ensuring it meets their needs and improves their ability to assist homeless individuals effectively. 


Since its soft launch, the solution has enrolled over 350 clients and recorded 700+ encounters, demonstrating significant engagement and impact.

Key benefits of our solution include:

Improved outreach services

Better support for homeless individuals

Enhanced coordinated care leading to better outcomes

Implementing the Homeless Care Coordination Solution has been transformative for IHS. The powerful capabilities of the mobile app, coupled with the seamless integration of AWS services, have elevated our ability to make a real impact on the lives of the homeless population. DataHouse’s commitment to innovation and collaboration has truly exceeded our expectations.

Connie Mitchell

Executive Director of IHS, praised the transformative impact of the Homeless Care Coordination Solution

Next Step

The next phase of the project aims to harness AWS’s advanced capabilities to expand the application’s use beyond IHS, including a broader network of community stakeholders – such as hospitals, health plans, law enforcement agencies, businesses, and other service providers. This expansion will further improve the coordination of care for homeless individuals. 

About DataHouse

DataHouse is Hawaii’s longest-standing IT consultancy since 1975, known for solving complex IT problems. Our expertise in leveraging AWS services and solutions shows our commitment to using cutting-edge technology to make a positive impact on local and global communities. As an AWS Standard Public Sector Partner, DataHouse continues to drive innovation in partnership with public and private organizations.

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Our team would love to help you find the perfect fit of products and solutions.