PIHOA Healthcare Worker Enumeration Dashboard


Established in 1986, the Pacific Island Health Officers Association (PIHOA) is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of US-Affiliated Pacific Island (USAPI). A critical challenge they faced was the fragmented and manual process of collecting and analyzing healthcare workforce data across the USAPI region.

To help PIHOA overcome this, DataHouse developed the Healthcare Worker Enumeration (HCW) Dashboard, leveraging AWS technologies to ensure scalability, reliability, and security throughout the data lifecycle.


The HCW Dashboard transforms raw data from healthcare organizations across the USAPI region into actionable insights. This enables USAPI jurisdictions to make informed decisions regarding their healthcare workforce – using AWS services to tackle complex public health challenges and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of health services.

Client Background


Non-Profit / Public Health

About the Organization

PIHOA acts as a collective voice for Pacific health advocacy, supports partnership engagement, provides technical assistance, strengthening health system capabilities and community resilience across the USAPI region.


PIHOA identified critical issues in healthcare workforce management, including manual data collection, inconsistent job categorizations, and lack of resources for data management. These challenges hampered the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare workforce management, affecting the delivery of healthcare services across the USAPI region. 


DataHouse proposed developing a Human Resources for Health (HRH) Enumeration Framework to inform the design and implementation of the HCW Dashboard, addressing PIHOA’s challenges through:

Automated data collection and cleaning

AI/machine learning-driven programmatic mappings

Seamless consolidation of data into an organized database structure

Intuitive reporting tool to turn data into information

Natural language querying capabilities



The HCW Dashboard’s design incorporates key AWS services across its architecture: 


AWS S3 is used for secure, scalable storage of raw data, coupled with AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS) for efficient, automated notifications and workflows. This setup ensures data integrity and accessibility while enabling real-time data collection processes.

Cleaning & Inspection

AWS SageMaker Studio Data Wrangler simplifies data preparation and analysis, AWS Lambda provides scalable, serverless data processing, and Amazon RDS offers a reliable relational database for storing processed data. This combination automates and accelerates the data cleaning and inspection phases. 

Predictive Analytics

AWS SageMaker Studio Notebook facilitates the development and deployment of machine learning models for predictive analytics, with AWS S3 supporting data storage. This integration showcases AWS’s AI and machine learning capabilities in deriving insights from complex datasets.


The combination of AWS Lambda for processing and Amazon RDS for storage creates a robust data warehousing solution, ensuring the dashboard’s backend is efficient and scalable.


AWS QuickSight provides dynamic, interactive visualizations and insights, enabling decision-makers to analyze healthcare workforce data effectively. QuickSight’s integration demonstrates AWS’s strength in business intelligence and data visualization. 

Integration and Customization

The solution was carefully tailored to integrate seamlessly with existing systems and technologies, ensuring that it met PIHOA’s specific needs through customization.


The deployment of the HCW Dashboard, powered by AWS services, marked a significant advancement in healthcare workforce management for the USAPI region. It enabled a unified view of healthcare worker information, enhanced decision-making, and showcased the scalability, reliability, and agility provided by AWS cloud technologies. 

Next Step

The HCW Dashboard is the first phase in PIHOA’s Data Analytics Strategic Plan, with future enhancements and datasets planned to leverage AWS innovations further.

This ongoing partnership with AWS underscores a commitment to using cutting-edge technology to address public health challenges.

By showcasing the essential role of AWS services in the development and success of the HCW Dashboard, this case study highlights the transformative power of AWS cloud technology in solving complex public health challenges, paving the way for future innovations in the sector.

About DataHouse

DataHouse is Hawaii’s longest-standing IT consultancy since 1975, known for solving complex IT problems. Our expertise in leveraging AWS services and solutions shows our commitment to using cutting-edge technology to make a positive impact on local and global communities. As an AWS Standard Public Sector Partner, DataHouse continues to drive innovation in partnership with public and private organizations.

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