On August 21, 2019, DataHouse transformed its leadership model by appointing Hong Phan as Co-President of the growing organization. Hong previously served as DataHouse’s Chief Technical Architect and now serves alongside Co-President Edward Ontai in steering the company through a wave of rapid expansion.

It’s rare for companies to partition the role of the president. But successful leaders know that it takes a trusted team to succeed, and they recognize how others’ strengths elevate an organization and its clients.

DataHouse aims to lead by example and give the best value to its clients and partners through innovative solutions and remarkable people. By appointing Hong as Co-president, DataHouse expands its reach and doubles its impact — both locally and globally.

On August 21, 2019, DataHouse transformed its leadership model by appointing Hong Phan as Co-President of the growing organization.

With over 20 years of information technology experience, including influential roles at Hewlett Packard and Oracle, Hong has unmatchable knowledge and skills that advance both public and private sector customers around the globe. She delivers impactful solutions that elevate people’s lives and gives organizations clear pathways to navigate uncertain futures.

Since the beginning of her career, Hong has helped numerous clients achieve their business objectives through innovative technology solutions that optimize organizational processes and continuously modernize infrastructure. She’s a technology clairvoyant who can see far beyond present needs and architect systems that adapt to change and disruption.

Over the past 20 years, Hong has helped public and private sector organizations:

• Develop and implement enterprise information systems

• Improve collaboration among developers, project team members, and leaders to optimize performance

• Analyze current state technology needs and migrate applications to secure cloud environments

• Streamline business processes and reduce operational and maintenance costs

Alongside her unrivaled IT intellect and a sixth sense for successful tactics, Hong has mastered the art of compassionate determination. She leads in a such a way that all team members feel valued, and she serves as a trusted guide whom customers faithfully follow along their modernization journeys.

“You can throw Hong into a fire, and she’ll find a way to get everyone out while rebuilding the walls along the way,” said Danette Maruyama, DataHouse’s Chief Commercial Officer.

With a powerful fusion of technical skills, razor-sharp wit, passionate dedication, and graceful delivery, Hong Phan is a courageous architect of impact who truly changes the way we work and live through future-focused technology.

DataHouse is fortunate to have not one, but two ambitious Co-presidents, working together as one team, to guide the way for Hawai’ i and the digital world.

On behalf of everyone at DataHouse, we welcome Hong Phan as our Co-president and support her as she continues to preserve our legacy of hard work, innovation, and authentic caring for others.