The Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) has gone live with Oracle Fusion Applications as of January 2, 2020. This includes the Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Procurement modules.

OHA is the first State of Hawaii agency and the second organization in Hawaii to successfully implement Oracle Fusion Applications.

With DataHouse’s swift service, the project timeline reduced from 8 months to 4.5 months, and the new system is up and running with completely migrated data and reports. Though the immense planning and execution of each detail proved challenging, the project team succeeded through their close collaboration and unified commitment.

OHA and DataHouse are proud of their hard work and dedication, especially since OHA is at the forefront of financial system modernization and adoption. Previously, OHA had limited tools and capabilities to support the organization’s current and future needs. With the upgraded system, OHA can streamline and apply more automation to business processes moving forward.

DataHouse has also helped OHA improve business continuity and redundancy in their financial system infrastructure. The updated system provides the ability to maintain a full electronic file of each financial transaction, purchase requisition, or purchase order.

Additionally, OHA has adopted a modified chart of accounts to align the organization with improved financial transparency in the future.

Watch the following video to learn more about DataHouse supported OHA’s transformation.