Celebrating women in IT: Highlights from DataHouse’s 2023 Danang Women in Tech event

Da Nang, November 30, 2023 It was an evening to remember on November 14, as DataHouse Consulting Joint Stock Company, in partnership with Swinburne Vietnam Alliance Program University, hosted the groundbreaking “Women in Tech: Proud to Be Women Engineers” event. evening of November 14, the event “Women in Tech: Proud Being Women Engineer” organized in collaboration by DataHouse Consulting Joint Stock Company and Swinburne Vietnam Alliance Program University, successfully unfolded, capturing the attention of the Information Technology (IT) community. With the participation of renowned speakers in the industry, the event was a vibrant success, providing profound insights into the journey and achievements of women in the field of IT. 

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The “Danang Women in Tech 2023” event garnered special interest from the tech enthusiast community, featuring speakers with over 30 years of experience sharing invaluable stories and lessons. Speaker Vickie Luu, a Software Database Engineer, delivered a powerful source of inspiration, while Lynn Luu, a Software Architecture Engineer, provided realistic perspectives and valuable advice.

The theme “Proud of Being Women Engineer” is not just a statement of pride but also a proposal to open doors for women to conquer challenges and achieve success in the IT industry. Hong Phan, CEO of DataHouse, participated in the panel discussion, emphasizing that encouraging women to enter this field will contribute to the continuous development of the IT industry. Sharing from her own practical experience, Hong believes that both herself and the speakers have overcome the barriers and challenges of entering an industry where men traditionally dominate. She encourages female participants to be confident in themselves and pursue their dreams. “We believe that opportunities for women in the IT industry are limitless, and this is just the beginning,” added Hong Phan.

The “Women in Tech Da Nang 2023” event not only left a lasting impression on participants but also served as a platform to connect the IT community and provide continuous motivation for women on the journey to conquer Information Technology. Positive response from attendees lays the groundwork for similar events in the future, contributing to the diversity and sustainable development of the IT industry.