“When you join DataHouse, you are not just stepping into a company – you are becoming part of a family. Our annual All-Staff Meeting is a testament to this bond,” said Hong Phan, our CEO.

In a world dominated by virtual interactions, we recently took a moment to bring together our global workforce in an in-person All-Staff Meeting. Our stellar teams, from various locations – California, Texas, Hawaii, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Vietnam, and more – gathered under one roof to celebrate.

The theme of this year’s meeting was “Work Hard – Play Hard!”, a sentiment that resonates deeply with one of our Principles of Success. It was evident throughout the day as we balanced meaningful discussions with fun-filled activities.

The event began with an invigorating town hall at the company’s headquarters in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Eddie Ontai, our President, spoke about our journey and the road ahead. “It has been a remarkable year for DataHouse, both in terms of our global footprint and innovative ventures. Today is not just a celebration of our achievements but a promise of the milestones yet to come” he shared.

There were also several fun games and team-bonding activities.

Dennis McCormick, our COO, reminded us of the values that bind us together. “As we expand and evolve, our foundational principles remain steadfast. They guide our decisions, fuel our innovations, and shape our corporate culture,” he said.

Then came the highlight of the day for many – the first-ever DataHouse Olympics. We split into teams, competing in games that tested our wit and agility. It brought out the playful side of us that is often hidden behind work desks and computer screens.

As the sun set, we headed to the scenic Ho’kupu Center in Kewalo Basin. Over dinner, we announced the DH Olympic champions and celebrated our wins with resounding cheers and applause. It was amazing to see everyone come together like that.

This year’s All-Staff Meeting was not just another event on the calendar. It was a day of memories, reflection, and celebration. It reinforced our commitment to each other and our shared vision for DataHouse’s future.

Our journey continues, and as we reflect on this memorable event, we look forward to continuing to serve our clients and partners with the same spirit of unity and excellence.

Stay tuned for more updates from DataHouse as we stride confidently into the future!