DDIC 2023: DataHouse recognized for ICT excellence

Da Nang, Vietnam – January 17, 2024 – It’s a moment of great celebration and pride for us at DataHouse! We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been honored as an outstanding contributor to the Information and Communications Industry of DaNang City for the year 2023. This prestigious recognition, received at the annual DaNang Department of Information and Communication (DDIC) conference, is not just an award – it’s a testament to our impactful work and passion in shaping the city’s tech ecosystem. 

At the conference, DataHouse emerged as one of the seven enterprises and individuals to be lauded by the Mayor of Da Nang.  But what makes this accolade so special? It’s the rigorous yardstick against which we were measured: sustained development, innovative contributions, and a profound impact on Da Nang’s ICT evolution.  

DataHouse's CEO, Hong Phan, CTO David Luu, and CDO Khoa Nguyen proudly hold the Certificate of Merit from the Chairman of the Danang People's Committee!

Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve been up to in the past year, setting new benchmarks of excellence: 

  • Stable growth trajectory  

We have maintained a robust and stable annual growth rate, reflecting our resilience and strategic acumen in revenue, profit, tax contributions, and employee remuneration. 

  • Empowering local communities 

More than just a business, we have been a catalyst in creating high-value jobs in Da Nang, uplifting the livelihoods and dreams of several families. 

  • Community champions 

Our initiatives have touched lives beyond the corporate walls, fostering societal development and imprinting a lasting positive impact on Da Nang. 

  • Education pioneers 

In nurturing a future-ready workforce, our collaborations with top universities have been nothing short of revolutionary, equipping the youth of Da Nang with the skills and knowledge to excel in the tech-driven world. As we celebrate this honor, we thank the Da Nang city authorities for recognizing our efforts and impact.  

This recognition is more than a symbol of success – it’s a motivation for us to keep innovating and making a difference in Da Nang. We are committed to integrating advanced technology into the city’s growth and consistently providing solutions that meet our clients’ needs.