DataHouse Asia, a renowned software development company based in Vietnam and Evvo Labs, a leading Singapore-based cybersecurity firm, are excited to announce a strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to drive digital transformation and strengthen cybersecurity across the APAC region. 

This partnership combines Evvo Labs’ deep expertise in cybersecurity with DataHouse‘s robust software development capabilities. It will address the growing need for advanced cybersecurity solutions and digital transformation services in the region. 

“Evvo Labs is thrilled to team up with DataHouse” said Vince Chew, Operating Officer &  Chief Information Security Officer.

“This partnership allows us to leverage our cybersecurity expertise to assist DataHouse Asia in enhancing their product suite. Meanwhile, their talented operation and delivery teams will help bolster our implementation efforts. It’s a mutually beneficial collaboration that will ultimately benefit our clients,” they added. 

DataHouse – aiming to expand its cybersecurity capabilities –  will gain from the knowledge and skill development offered by Evvo Labs through the Tevvo Academy. At the same time, DataHouse Asia’s operation and delivery teams will reinforce Evvo Labs’ client-facing services. 

“We are excited about our partnership with Evvo Labs,” said Khoa Nguyen, Chief Delivery Officer. “Their unparalleled expertise in cybersecurity will be instrumental in enhancing our products and services. We look forward to working together to deliver superior solutions to our clients.” 

Furthermore, the partnership will see both companies synergizing their strengths,to expanding their reach in the APAC region. Evvo Labs will support DataHouse’s efforts to enhance its Platform as a Service (PaaS) product, while DataHouse Asia will aid Evvo Labs in penetrating the Vietnam market. 

This strategic partnership sets a precedent for future collaborations, showcasing how unified efforts can catalyze growth and innovation in the APAC region. 

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