DataHouse is thrilled to announce its Bronze sponsorship for the NASCIO 2023 Annual Conference, scheduled from October 8 to October 11 in Minneapolis, MN. 

Edward Ontai, President of DataHouse, said, “Being part of NASCIO 2023 goes beyond sponsorship. It is about understanding the future of state IT and positioning DataHouse at the forefront of this evolution.” 

He further added, “Our involvement in events like NASCIO 2023 amplifies our capability to serve our clients with distinction. We invite our clients and partners to interact with our team at the conference and explore synergistic opportunities.” 

NASCIO 2023 will be a gathering of state government IT leaders, industry experts, and technology vendors, providing a platform to discuss and gain insights into the ever-evolving landscape of information technology within state governments. 

DataHouse at NASCIO 2023 Annual Conference 

We are excited to have three of our distinguished members representing DataHouse: Edward Ontai, President; Jeff Masumoto, Account Executive; and Othmane El Mouden, Product Marketing Manager.

Jeff said, “Every interaction at NASCIO is an opportunity. We are here to listen, learn, and lead in the dynamic landscape of state government IT.” 

Our participation in the NASCIO 2023 Conference aligns with our goals to: 

  • Actively engage with key stakeholders, government officials, and industry leaders during networking sessions. 
  • Understand the current IT needs of US states and refine our solutions accordingly. 
  • Adapt our products to align with the current public sector demands. 
  • Expand our reach, foster relationships, and identify potential future collaborations. 

For more information on DataHouse’s association with NASCIO, visit our profile on the NASCIO website. 

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